Swimmer EP

by Beach Bodies

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released March 27, 2015



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Beach Bodies Guelph, Ontario

Beach Bodies is a five piece art-rock act from Guelph, Ontario. Energetic and introspective, Beach Bodies' unique pop sound has been described as "artful dissonance" that "demonstrates how to make a bold musical statement without getting lost in the noise". In 2016, the band released their debut LP: Onward & Downward.

BB is: Brock Bourgeois, Jamie Gibson, Corben Grant, Isaac Grant, & Matt Morgan.
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Track Name: All Perfect and Shimmering
I’m a notwithstanding
I’m a nocturnal

Lost in the groove and the
Lost in the beat of
Ad infinitum

Can you take
Your time
If you wanted to

Love yourself like I
Love myself
I know it’s a mirror
But I still see her

We live at sea
Speak artificially
The screens I’m seeing are the
Screams I’m eating

Lay awake
And take
The most you can from the
Docks at land

Hands all hail to the
Brand new religion
This glow, draw and awe is
All perfect and shimmering

Can I take
My time
For the life of me
And all I’ve ever been

What’s with all this
Work need getting to
What’s with all the work
Track Name: Vacant
Well that’s all
I’m off again
Around the bend
You know I’ll come right back to you
I’m linear with an ear for giving a shit
And bad timing

All I want
Is your time
Do I really have to say this
When did we get so vacant

Can we not just talk it out
When did we become so abrasive
Truly we’re running adjacent
We’re children all right
Never never never never run with scissors
These are my heart strings strung straight out of my chest
You’re pulling me down and I’m starting to bend

I’m counting my steps
I’m taking the motions
But I’m moving away
How did I get so hungry
We’re in the wilderness
I’m counting the days
My head’s all holes and locomotives
And I’m starting to derail
If I could reverse this moment
What would you say
I’m getting my time back
I’m moving away


All I have is time
Track Name: Mess
I’m not supposed to look
But I am
I’m supposed to look good
But I can’t
Oh God, I hate my hands
I only feel like talking to you alone and
Can you let your eyes go out of focus
For a moment
Strangle the tip of my tongue
Extract the words
Kill the hurt
Ease the pain
Set me ablaze

Believe in this beautiful mess
Don’t be stone-cold
Be careless

I am a swimmer
A pennysaver
Stop, mark, and salvage
Swimming through branches dense as avalanches
And on asphalt and in cars
And past rivers and suburbs and bars
The distance is like oceans
I’m high on emotion
I’m sick with myself
My heart is flat
Like side side sidewalks of Guelph
And this life is just an island next to you
Someone new
Someone else
I don’t want to go on my own anymore

Can we go
Out of the snow
Can we go
Where no one knows
I hope so
Track Name: Auburn
Your auburn skin
Has locked me from within
Soft touch, soft eyes
Too much for mine

I can feel you next to me
We’re not even touching
But if we were touching
I’d follow you in
And I would follow you out
I would follow you on and through
Though I already do

Please don’t go
I want you
I want you to know
I’m not leaving
Even as my heart is heaving
And my hands are leaking
Please just stay