Onward & Downward

by Beach Bodies

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released July 26, 2016

All songs except Black Orpheus written by The Beach Bodies
Black Orpheus by Luiz Bonfá
Additional sounds on Salty Susan from “A Clue for Scooby Doo”
Looking features a sample from Deep Purple by The Beach Boys

Primarily recorded in Isaac's basement (frozen room studio)
From around June 2015 - July 2016
Xtra recordings done in bathrooms, bedrooms, eg etc.
Produced by the Grant Brothers

The Beach Bodies are these bois…
Brock Bourgeois - bass
Jamie Gibson - vocals
Corben Grant - keys
Isaac Grant - drums
Matt Morgan - guitar

Additional Players:
Felix Palmer Steinhauser - violins on Rainwater, Salty Susan, Looking, Awake But Not Alone
Claire Wilcox - trumpet on Lost in the Woods, Salty Susan, Strawberries, Awake But Not Alone
Aleida Budgeon-Strating - sax on Perspective Battles (New Day)

Cover artwork by Sam Oh

Thanks to:
Isaac’s parents!!!
GCVI (we used your microphones)
Felix, Claire, and Aleida
Sam Oh
Paige Bultje
Kieran Steeves
MADE in Guelph: the Urban Arts Project (Kelly McCullough and Jeff Bersche)




Beach Bodies Guelph, Ontario

Beach Bodies is a five piece art-rock act from Guelph, Ontario. Energetic and introspective, Beach Bodies' unique pop sound has been described as "artful dissonance" that "demonstrates how to make a bold musical statement without getting lost in the noise". In 2016, the band released their debut LP: Onward & Downward.

BB is: Brock Bourgeois, Jamie Gibson, Corben Grant, Isaac Grant, & Matt Morgan.
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Track Name: Rainwater
Look on your face, it's rainwater
All my chances are gone
You say my name, but it dont matter
I’ve made my mind up

I should probably cover up
The blood on my hands with a glove
Stop these eyes from wandering
Keep this heart from softening

You can’t say anything
I’m broke in the head
Cut off from your spell
Out of spite and well

Burn the money, it’ll keep you warm
Safe in our houses, marooned and bored
Burn the money, it’ll keep you warm
Solitary runs, distraction gone wrong
I’ve sworn to save myself

All that’s left of you is rainwater
I sold my grounding for gold
On stable legs for the first time
I’m earning on my own

I thought that if I called you
I would get off track
Couldn’t you imagine
I was right about that

In my sad suburban estate
Running along these streets
Empty and endless fate
Track Name: Lost in the Woods
After many years of wandering, eyes on the trees
There has never been one here that I’ve seen
But one tall maple tree I caught with a glance
Captured me and pulled me into a deep, deep trance
I stumbled when I made it there, coming to a stop
I grabbed onto the branches and they took me to the top

Spending lots of time up there, I gained the tree’s trust
But something that I did was wrong and it told me that it must
The tree was shaking violently and made the branches break
Falling through the branches, I was caught by the salty lake

Now I’m lost in the woods
No place I can go to, I am out here all alone
Now I’m lost in the woods
No one’s here to help me fix my glorious gold throne
Now I’m lost in the woods
No place I can go to, I am out here all alone

This seeming perfect tree had changed, I think I needed help
Black with thorns and ugly teeth, ‘twas laughing to itself
Cursed me with a rare disease that no one’s seen before
I felt oh slowly, limb for limb, I’m being torn

This disease is spreading quickly and is tearing me apart
Everything seems hopeless, I should have known from the start
Blinded by the gorgeous leaves, it was the tree’s disguise
And with one final blow, I met with my demise

Now I’m lost in the woods
No one here to help me and I’m barely still alive
Now I’m lost in the woods
Running around aimlessly, just hoping to survive
No place I can go to, I am out here all alone
Now I’m lost in the woods
No one’s here to help me fix my glorious gold throne
Now I’m lost in the woods
No place I can go to, I am out here all alone
Track Name: Salty Susan
Salty Susan, is it true that
They threw you overboard?
Underneath the moonlight
of the longest night in the middle of the storm

The stirring of the currents washed your body to the shore
They say the beach is killer
but no one ever asked the corpse

Salty Susan
We're going to the ocean
On that foggy coast
is where is saw your ghost

Oh salty Susan
I feel it in the water
I wanna go diving
I wanna see your coffin

The tide is regressing
It's like you are undressing

Salty Susan
I know it's really hard
But even though that you're a she-ghost
I wanna try and make the most of this bad situation

Salty Susan
I don't really know
Where we went wrong
But with your plasma heart inside of my hand
I will be your flesh and blood man
Salty Susan

Salty Susan
I don't care what them people say
I been waiting my whole life
For a siren to drag me away
With that song

My angel floats with me now
Track Name: Strawberries
You were right right when you said it be simple
no they can't touch you you're invincible
but let me tell you something it's easy feeling nothing
I’m getting tired of running

I'm alright can't you just believe me
leave me alone it could be that easy
forgettings not defeating
The message you're not hearing
while you're sleeping

You're still wearing the mask
But I saw right past
and the face behind is smiling
I've got strawberries
and sprats and that's
why my light is shining

Who puffed a palm full of pepper into your eyes?
You went blind, if you stop crying you could see I'm sick
I'm Miles away, fighting a plague
I never caught, I never thought
I'd be in love and so far I've been right

Don't worry, you'll get there
right after, you master
the art of walking faster
your past will never catch you
the future, don't worry
it's coming in a hurry
you'll get there
Track Name: Looking
Stop touching me
I can hardly breathe
When you’re next to me
Thought I had figured out
What it’s really all about
But now it’s clear I don’t know anything

I’m on the outside looking in
My courage failed and is wearing thin
You know I never really thought I’d make it this far
Tremor touches, waves of skin
Exposing everything I’ve been
Oh god, can you see me?
The light was flicked and put on me
Can I go back I’m blinded
Back to sleep
No I know I’m paranoid
But I can’t help from hearing noise
It all rushes back to me
I’ve left you nothing, caving in
I’m selfish even when I give
I look in your eyes and lie lie
Lie down with myself

I’m on the outside looking in
Exposing everything I’ve been
When you’re next to me
Track Name: Ego Death
The cement is dry
But my foot’s still stuck
Will I make it out alive?
I’m in need of surgical relief
I’m a statue and idol of my time

Have I gone blue?
Waiting for my request to take my last social breath
Ego death

I’m starting to realize
I can’t fend for myself in a world of self-help
I think I need some sort of hand
To rest upon my chest
Before I drop it all

I wanna feel your suffering
Rainwater’s all I had and without it I've gone mad
Thus I want to be near you
But my heart is forged with cash
And it’s forever held me back

This one’s going to the dogs
I don’t wanna die alone
Track Name: No More Pain
All I wanna do
All I wanna do
All I wanna do is talk to you
All I have to say
All I have to say
All I have to say is I don’t care
All I have to give
All I have to give’s myself to you

Half of my life spent waiting
For the world to stop delaying
And let me
Let me lose
Lose myself to you
Let me lose
Lose myself to you
Let me lose
Lose myself to you

All the pictures to take
And all the memories that make up you
All the lives you’d live I’d like to live there too
I wanna kiss your head
And roll back into bed
Can I let my feelings show?
I won’t let you break
I won’t hesitate
I’m gonna find my way to you

People come and go;
This life’s berated
After eighteen years
I think I’m changing
Let me lose
Lose myself to you
Let me lose
Lose myself to you
Let me lose
Lose myself to you

All I wanna be
Is your one and only
I wanna prove myself to you
I just wanna hold
I just wanna hold
I just wanna hold you in my arms
I’m caught on the edge
One step from the ledge
And I will fall right into you

Forgive the life I’ve lived
I’ve never done enough
To keep my promises,
Convictions, and my love
Infatuated fantasies
Were all I had
And songs of blood
Heartache in vain, I’m wide awake
But no more pain
Track Name: Perspective Battles (New Day)
I was a child, I was vile, I cried out to the thunder
I was fool out of fuel but you still drove me on empty
At red lights on silver nights, I held you in the snowstorm
Unpacified, unparalyzed, and unchastised
To know all your words as they roll from your tongue to my mind
I pulled at the plug, but it’s you who kept me alive

We get a new day

Go back to the beginning
Track Name: Motherspeak
Maybe it was not a good day. But I make at the end of the day, it was a good day.

Of course.

Any day I feel at the end, when I'm ready for bed...

You lived today!

It was a good day. I don't want to look back, what exactly was the day? It was a good day.

What went wrong today? It doesn't matter.

If I struggled, If I had to argue with people, no matter. I'm thinking about it when I go to bed and it was a good day. I get up in the morning and I say "God, please. A good day. Help me, just help me, that's all."

Another day. Brand new start, brand new day.

And I think you can achieve so much more than waiting around. Because I see some of them. Oh, they complain all the time.

A lot of people, I wonder, do a lot of people do that because they have no one to talk to? And that's just a way of saying something to somebody?

I think so. And at that time they get attention. It's strange, you know, how you go through life step by step from child and baby and growing and you're still learning, no matter how old. You're still learning.

Everyday. I'm amazed at some things and some some days that I've learned that's absolutely new. Whether it was what someone has told me or I have discovered it myself. Like it always makes me kind of think "gee, I'm this age and I'm still learning these things, isn't that wonderful? Like, thank you. This has been great!"


Like, I didn't know this was this or that was that and now I do! Somebody said to me last week, I was at a store in town. At the drug store, actually. They said to me: "Ah! What a day out there, you know it's damp and it's cold and it's windy." And I looked at her and I said: "yeah, all of that. But you know what? I'm here. And so are you. We're right here. We're not some place else, we're right here." She said: "yes, that's true" but she wasn't impressed with that. Doesn't that sound like an eight-year-old, but it's true!

Yes. Any kind of little discovery, I'm grateful. You say "oh thank you that I still learn. If I be gone a long time ago I wouldn't know this thing, or this thing." I'm still learning. And I'm learning to be a better person.
Track Name: Awake But Not Alone
Here we are
So close to nothing
I’m a vacuum without your grace
There you go
Out into open air
I bite my tongue when you call my name
Late a night
I count my blessings
When I remember your sweet face
And no the dark doesn’t feel so empty
I’m not alone, I’m just awake

Sometimes I feel lost in the open
Are we now broken?
Who am I to say?
It’s not my place
To forget the reasons
Why I continue keeping on this way
It’s for you
And you for me
Stay on the phoneline as you fall asleep
After then, I’ll sit in bed
With the words you said floating in my head

We’ll amass the deep crevasse
May I take your hand perchance?
Surrender myself into your wilderness
And drink your heaven’s wine and sleep on grass
The reservoir wall, discoloured and all
Bite our tongues as we write our names
And I admit that I partake
In memories of you kissing me awake

If I’ve got you I can stop it
If I’ve got you